Quigler: The First 4-in-1 Realty Industry Transaction Manager

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David Michonski, Co-founder and CEO, QuiglerDavid Michonski, Co-founder and CEO
Quigler’s 4-in-1 transaction manager won’t be found in the back office. Rather, you will find it front and center, right inside the daily transactions, for both agents and consumers, from the first meeting in the living room right up to the closing. It is the first and only transaction manager that takes what federal and state law and the NAR Code of Ethics requires agents to do in a transaction and creates an A-Z flow for agents to effortlessly follow. It makes even the newest agent seem like a seasoned pro because they know exactly what to do at every step. It is a checklist that guides agents daily from beginning to closing. For new agents, Quigler reduces the time for them to be considered an expert and allows them to provide a superior experience that even the most seasoned agent might envy.

A Consumer’s Transaction Manager, too.

Not only does it guide agents, but agents can invite consumers in to follow along with the agent. It is the agent’s tool to provide consumers total process know-how and unprecedented transparency. Consumers are never left in the dark and never have to wonder what is coming next. They can see all the steps in advance and what is required at each of those steps.

A Massive, New Communication Tool

Often consumers complain that they have not heard from an agent. That ends with an agent on Quigler because Quigler automates communication to consumers. When an agent completes one of the required actions, the consumer gets a notification, date and time stamped, informing them what the agent did and when they did it. Quigler helps agents by automating a weekly or bi-weekly Update Letter that agents can customize and send to consumers. It also automates a Compliance Confirmation Report that agents can give to consumers at closing, detailing everything the agent did for them, again, time-stamped and dated. Consumers leave with a sense of satisfaction that their agent did right by them and the law and Code of Ethics.

Broker Risk Reduction

The Compliance Confirmation Report also provides broker/owners with a whole new level of risk reduction that result in risk reduction credits that can reduce Errors and Omissions insurance costs for both broker/owners and agents, helping to defray the modest yearly cost of Quigler.

Free NAR Code-Only Version for Local Boards

The National Association of REALTORS® (“NAR”) invested in Quigler through its REach program that supports innovative technology that keeps the agent at the center of the transaction. Soon thereafter, NAR licensed its Code of Ethics to Quigler which, in turn, created a free version of the application with Code of Ethics content only. REALTORS® can use it for free by going to www.Quigler.com/Code. It tells an agent and consumer what the Code requires at each step of a transaction, helping to increase trust that agents are acting ethically and responsibly.
Making Everything Easier

All agents have to take hours and hours of Continuing Education classes and new agents must spend weeks in the classroom learning what to do in the transaction while broker/owners can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly hiring and training new agents. With Quigler broker/owners can have all agents focus more time on generating leads and new business because they have at their fingertips a guide to what must be done. In addition, Quigler gives the agent the state and federal forms they need to complete the actions. And for every action, Quigler has a Why? Tab which cites the exact wording from the law or Code that explains why the action is necessary. Effectively, agents learn as they use the app. It even provides helpful Tips for completing each action on the checklist. Each “to do” is a simple, easy to understand question in Yes or No format, i.e. Did you do this? Did you tell the consumer that?


As COVID has forced transactions to become more remote, Quigler was named by REALTORS® Property Resource (“RPR”) as one of “FIVE WOW Apps” that agents should get under their belt. It was also featured in Housing Wire’s Tech 100 along with big names like Redfin, Zillow, Realtor.com and others, suggesting just how far Quigler might go in the industry. And, Victor Insurance Managers, the largest Errors and Omissions provider and NAR’s preferred E&O provider, has partnered with Quigler viewing it as one of the best risk reduction applications in the industry.

Local Boards and Associations

Quigler is also partnering with local REALTOR associations utilizing co-marketing agreements that involve profit share with the boards for helping Quigler get the word out to agents. Boards can offer the Code-Only version of the transaction manager as a free REALTOR benefit. Finally, Quigler offers three online courses on how to use the app with Sellers and Buyers to add to Boards’ educational offering, all online and remote.

Perfect for Relocating Sellers and Second Home Markets

One agent used Quigler for folks moving from Connecticut to Ohio. They found that Quigler gave them the peace of mind of knowing from afar every step of the transaction process while being 1,000 miles away.

“I loved that I could see in advance everything that was going to be done and follow along as it was done. It gives you a sense of security and greater trust in any agent,” said the client following the successful closing of her sale. Agents in resort markets where Sellers are often away for 6-9 months of the year can now sell a home while clients can monitor their progress from a distance, providing connectivity and convenience for both parties.

Lead Conversion Tool

Agents who rely on cold leads know that only about 1 in 10 of those leads get converted to a client. But with Quigler, agents can offer transparency, process know-how, communication and accountability that can turn a cold lead into a warm client.

A Tool for Broker/Owners to Grow

Broker/owners know that hiring new agents is both a necessity and a huge cost, given that 90 percent are out of the business after two years. So all that time and money spent on training goes down the drain, but as David Michonski, Co-founder and CEO of Quigler says, "With Quigler, you can hire as many agents as you want. Our checklist guides them through the law and code required at each step of the transaction." In doing so, they become knowledgeable and educated. Meanwhile, brokers reduce risk and enjoy more customer satisfaction, a win/win for all.

Looking into the future

Going forward Quigler wants to further drive its solution by leveraging its broad database of knowledge in federal and state law for all 50 states. Quigler is also looking forward to a whole new avenue of advertising for market players such as a lawyers, mortgage companies, title companies, and local vendors. According to Michonski, “We can do something better than Google or Facebook. We don’t have to read consumers’ emails or postings to create a psychographic of what consumers need. Without violating consumers’ privacy, we know what a consumer needs at each step of the transaction and when they get to that step we can have ads available for exactly the services they need, whether it is a lawyer, a mover, or whatever. It not only pinpoints the need but also offers the service at the exact moment when a consumer needs it.”


Stamford, CT

David Michonski, Co-founder and CEO

A 4-in-1 transaction management solution that simplifies the tasks for agents and consumers while helping brokers and boards with greater benefits in terms of compliance management and consumer experience. It is the first and only transaction manager that takes what federal and state law and the NAR Code of Ethics requires agents to do in a transaction and creates an A-Z flow for agents to effortlessly follow. It makes even the newest agent seem like a seasoned pro because they know exactly what to do at every step


"At its heart, the real estate transaction management system, Quigler, provides transparency, communication, accountability, and process knowledge to each stakeholder in a transaction"

- David Michonski, Co-founder and CEO