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Top 10 Broker Management Solution Companies - 2020

The last decade saw a significant shift in the insurance landscape as a result of technological disruptions. Compelled to move away from the traditional business ways, brokers are adopting technologies to digitize and automate their processes necessary to provide personalized customer experience. Digitalization is helping brokers converse with the clients through mobile apps directly. Insurance companies are increasingly adopting broker management solutions to help brokers stay updated and use technologies to increase their productivity. Using these technologies, brokers are now able to build business strategies that can meet growing customer demands and manage compliance requirements. They can also provide advice clients on insurance policies that meet their needs.

To improve risk management, brokers are continuously adopting technologies like telematics, big data, and social networking. Big Data analytics is one of the key investment areas for insurers who are aiming to capture and gain more insights into their customers while stepping up cloud developments for tighter collaboration with agencies and brokers. Additionally, it can also help them locate their target audience and plan strategies to engage with them. Acknowledging the growing influence of mobile devices, the solutions are developed with a mobile-friendly framework and is easily accessible through smartphones to provide better customer engagement. Besides these technologies, IoT, cloud, machine learning are helping agencies deal with the upcoming challenges.

On the other hand, the solutions allow them to manage customer management, treaty management, and account management parallelly. Also gaining market adoption is the use of integrated, third party commercial proposals and policy management systems. Some of the areas of integration with the broker management system that can deliver some real value include electronic mail, digital cameras, network-based faxing solutions, and website connections.

The present market is swayed with several broker management solution providers making it an uphill task for brokers to choose the best among the lot. To help organizations find the best financial technology solutions that fit their business needs, in this issue of PropTech Outlook, we present the top 10 broker management solution providers 2020, featuring the best vendors offering broker management technology solutions that aid financial institutions in their processes. The firms featured in this issue have exhibited vast knowledge and in-depth expertise in this space. The listing provides a look into how these solutions deliver value to the organizations.

We bring to you PropTech Outlook’s “Top 10 Broker Management Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Broker Management Solution Companies

  • Glide offers intuitive software that ensures the completion of disclosure forms with the highest level of accuracy. The solution provides users with a visually-guided experience that an agent and their customer can easily use to fully disclose all issues related to a property. Real estate agents and brokers who have subscribed to Glide's services can utilize the software through their laptops, tablets, and smartphone devices, and conveniently invite their clients to complete the disclosure forms online.

  • Collabra Technology

    Collabra Technology

    Collabra Technology, Inc. licenses a proprietary enterprise collaboration platform that enables businesses to harness the power of their sales teams to amplify marketing to clients on a global scale. With Collabra, companies manage product information and media in one place using a multilingual platform that assures maximum accuracy and brand control through the entire sales channel. The Collabra platform integrates with customers’ existing information systems and CRMs, providing real-time analytics and global visibility of the sales and marketing process

  • Cymbo Systems

    Cymbo Systems

    Cymbo Real Estate Software is designed by brokers with over 20 years experience who know how hard it used to be to manage listings, transactions, agents, commissions, trainings, contacts, marketing, calendar, trust account and everything else. Cymbo Real Estate Software allows Real Estate companies to track unlimited number of contacts, listings, transactions, documents, paperwork, and create own personal calendar with reminders. That means clients, lenders, appraisers, title companies, escrow officers, assistants, attorneys, broker and everyone involved can instantly view all the documents and information online with their own unique login/password. All users can also receive automatic email updates whenever information is updated, paperwork is added, and more

  • eBrokerHouse


    eBrokerHouse (EBH) is a real estate tech firm that provides the industry's most used transaction and offer management software platform. OThe companys web-based software as a service (Saas) allows real estate professionals and their staffs to work in an efficient, collaborative and paperless environment.The EBH platform was and continues to be developed in collaboration with countless real estate professionals to ensure we are providing the most effective, practical, and affordable solutions available

  • Flexmls


    From integrations with preferred third party software products to administrative controls and agent-level dashboard preferences, Flexmls® is only MLS Platform to enable so much market-level customization. The industry-leading Flexmls® System (mobile + web + IDX), delivers the ultimate in customization and flexibility to more than 220,000 on-the-go real estate subscribers. Additionally, Spark®, the industry’s first standards-driven and most widely used Web API, powers Flexmls Pro mobile and the Spring® suite of products

  • Nexgen HBM

    Nexgen HBM

    Nexgen HBM is a full-service business development and technology company on a mission to help mortgage lenders and Real Estate companies create business at the intersection of real estate, lending, technology and people. NexGen HBM is full-service technology and business development company on a mission to help lenders create business at the intersection of real estate, lending, agents and consumers in one, fully integrated real estate platform – HomeScout. NexGen HBM is a thought leader in the development of lender-centric, consumer-facing technologies that are proven to help lenders build their business starting with lead generation through buyer engagement and retention

  • Qualia


    Qualia is a team of top software engineers, real estate professionals, and user experience experts who are improving how real estate is transacted.Built by a team of top software engineers and real estate executives, Qualia combines title and escrow production, document preparation and storage, secure communication, repeatable workflows, and more to empower real estate professionals and consumers with the first end-to-end and online real estate closing platform

  • Realty Pilot

    Realty Pilot

    The first cloud based service company to offer a complete line of paperless management solutions to simplify, as well as increase production and profits for agents, brokers, asset managers, banks, and other real estate professionals. Realty Pilot equips brokers and other real estate professionals with comprehensive automation so that they can anticipate, activate and elevate their business. Virtually everything, including managing entire real estate businesses, happens here with automated ease

  • Top Producer

    Top Producer

    Move, Inc's Top Producer® product family is North America’s leader in marketing and lead generation systems for REALTORS®, offering a full range of leading-edge, integrated contact management, lead generation, lead incubation, postcard marketing and web marketing solutions. For over 20 years, the company have been dedicated to helping real estate professionals succeed, adapting their systems to address even the most pressing challenges of the industry. Their systems have been rigorously tested and proven by the real estate industry to increase leads and sales

  • VRealty


    An innovative technology company specialized in real-estate technology solutions, in a mission to revolutionize & significantly improved home sales experience. VRealty™ solution is designed to help real estate agents and brokers achieve faster sales for their clients through revolutionary 360° virtual tour technology. Their product enables automated creation and distribution of interactive, immersive 360 virtual tours of residential & commercial properties, to significantly improved home sale experience